Restumping Melbourne

Restumping, or re-blocking is the procedure of resetting (or replacing) the stumps on which a house stands. House stumps sink with time because of soil movement or when wooden stumps rot as a result of moisture in the earth. It is important to bring the house to level by restumping Melbourne else it can prompt damage ranging from breaks in the walls to complete breakdown of structural integrity. It’s also advised to restump an old house before renovation in view of the extra strain on the structure of the house.

Restumping Melbourne is a specialized undertaking and if it’s not dealt with precisely, it could be amazingly dangerous for you and your home.
Signs that your home may require restumping Melbourne include:

• Cracks in walls
• Uneven, warped or soft floors
• cracks in brickwork
• Doors and windows not closing properly

Each house is constructed differently and subsequently responds diversely to changes in the soil beneath the house. If left untreated, it could end up in permanent damage to the structure.

A house can be partially restumped if just certain areas require it. However, there is most likely the danger that a few stumps that were accepted to be in incredible condition may fold later on, hence restumping Melbourne again. While wooden stumps may look fine, they could be rotting under the ground. It’s a troublesome undertaking to return just to replace a few stumps!

The significant part of restumping Melbourne is to assess which stumps ought to be replaced or reset. This is regularly done using a ‘level’ to review how even your floors are, and by checking the stumps themselves for dislodging and deterioration. The house is then step by step lifted to where the stump that ought to be replaced is, and existing stumps are either moved to accommodate settling, or are taken out and replaced.

Australian Diggers Reblocking and Underpinning Pty Ltd are a reputed restumping Melbourne expert organization in Melbourne, Victoria and have been providing restumping Melbourne and reblocking services to the residents of Melbourne since numerous years. We have a tremendous client base and vouch for the remarkable restumping Melbourne service that we offer. Our restumping Melbourne service will give you the genuine feelings of serenity that you are in incredible hands.


Our Benefits

Many old weatherboard houses, some earlier solid brick, and brick-veneer homes were built on timber stumps, which usually had a life span of up to 40 years.

  • House raising/reblocking & hold
  • Steel, concrete, and timber stump replacement
  • Re-leveling and bracing
  • Under house excavation work
  • Complete Liability Insurance – Competitive Prices

  • Underpinning
  • Restumping / Reblocking
  • Building Permits Supplied
  • Extensions (Front & Rear)
  • Latest technology leveling (Computer Level)

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