Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is important to be aware of regarding any website. This information is used to enhance the experience. The users and customers must stay updated with the privacy policy of our company.

How do we collect information?

When the website users of Australian Diggers Underpinning and Reblocking register or sign-up for the website and services. They’ll be asked about their personal information and consent. Only the information provided by the users themselves is saved for future references and our customer records.

We may use the contact information to send out emails regarding updates and upgrades of services, it is also used to get the customer’s honest feedback. Other personal information is collected and stored in our customer database.

Why do we imply cookies?

We send the cookies to the users while they’re scrolling through to amplify the user experience of the website. If any user does not want to receive cookies, he/she can just simply deny the cookie request that would be popped up on the screen. If cookies are allowed, it’ll store the website data on the user’s device which may help the company identify any new or regular website visitor and if denied, the website may or may not function smoothly and up to your satisfaction.

Privacy of personal information

Information that is collected is never shared or sold with any third parties without the user’s consent for the company’s benefits. We respect our customers’ privacy and make sure that personal data does not get misused. Similarly, the company is not responsible for the relatable

Change in the privacy policy:

We may change, replace or modify the privacy policy and content occasionally if we may find it needed. Features or the services on the website might change which will be subject to the terms and conditions. Any changes in TOS [Terms of Services] should be reviewed by the user.


Our Benefits

Many old weatherboard houses, some earlier solid brick, and brick-veneer homes were built on timber stumps, which usually had a life span of up to 40 years.

  • House raising/reblocking & hold
  • Steel, concrete, and timber stump replacement
  • Re-leveling and bracing
  • Under house excavation work
  • Complete Liability Insurance – Competitive Prices

  • Underpinning
  • Restumping / Reblocking
  • Building Permits Supplied
  • Extensions (Front & Rear)
  • Latest technology leveling (Computer Level)

Our Accreditation’s

Computer Levelling